Colour artist

Because colours are about true emotions

Jim Aile

 Dear Visitor and friend, welcome, have a look at some of my works in the "Gallery" or eventual new posts in the blog...

Art is a way of living

In a world where the daily life may be rythmed by routine, exhaltation is the goal for accomplishment.

Art is a way for producing resonance in a life.

To share it, at some point, is a pleasure of seeking the other's impressions on the artist's own resonance. Jim Aile's colours are translation of feelings or emotions into an esthetic colour scheme and dynamic work.

Next exhibition in April/May 2015 in Waterloo, Ecuries ! 

Past recent exhibitions are Accessible Art Fair, Brussels, 2012, Sandrine Herreboudt gallery, Boisfort, January, March, 2013, Espace Art Gallery, Ixelles, January 2013,

Félicie Aussi, December 2013, SH Gallery (BXL Boitsfort), Laugh, February 2014.


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